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Hi, I'm Ben!

UX Leader, Accessibility Champion

What to expect From Me

I strive to help others in meaningful ways. My experience includes leadership and mentoring in UX, UI, and website development. While I've been in a management role since 2015, I feel I have been developing as a leader for the last  15 years. My leadership style is rooted in authenticity and empathy. I believe that trust and collaboration provide a foundation for  innovation and that personal growth and development are key factors in providing exceptional experiences for our teammates and customers.  

Empathetic Listener

It's important go beyond "hearing" the story to uncover, understand, and communicate valuable insights. This information helps us advocate for our users throughout the design process and customer journeys.

Innovative Thinker

I work in a collaborative manner to identify creative solutions that delight customers (and satisfy business requirements). I love crafting simple solutions for complex problems and find fulfillment when we're able to improve the lives of others.

Dedicated Partner

I bring an authentic, reliable and consistent energy to my work and team. It is important that our team is motivated and feels that their work will also help them reach their professianl goals.

My Process

1. Get to know the users

Plan and conduct research to uncover understanding and insights from our customers. Empathize with their experience and perspective to clearly identify the problem(s) we're trying to solve. This information can improve understanding of our customer journeys and help facilitate company goals.

2. Ideate in Low Fidelity

Working in low-fidelity allows us to quickly establish a general hierarchy and build consensus and buy-in before commiting to additional detail. It also allows us to quickly ideate multiple concepts and provide an efficient way to test, refine, repeat before jumping into higher-fidelity.

3. High Fidelity / User Testing / Iteration

Detailed prototypes and usability testing helps us understand if our design solutions are serving the user's needs appropriately. If additional insights or considerations are brought to light it may be necessary to continue iteration or feedback loops until a final solution is curated.

4. Hand Off / Support / Measure

When our solution is ready for code, I'll work with the project team to ensure details and goals are clear. Following development, we will measure the performance of our solution to identify successes/shortcomings - and continue to look for opportunities to delight our customers.


Below is a collection of public sites and projects I've worked on. If you are interested in specific examples that relate to my UX Process or Portfolio, please contact me. These samples are not posted or public out of consideration of my current employer and industry trade secrets.

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*Additional Samples Available Upon Request